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Ecuador 2023



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The Business Year: Ecuador 2023 is our eighth annual publication focusing on the Ecuadorian economy, and has a a particular emphasis on sustainability in the post-COVID-19 era.

This 160-page publication features around 150 interviews with C-level executives from various sectors, including finance, the green economy, tourism, energy and renewables, mining and hydrocarbons, health and education, construction and real estate, industry, IT and telecoms, and transport and logistics. These interviews provide valuable insights into how businesses are integrating sustainability into their strategies, promoting responsible practices and contributing to Ecuador’s sustainable development agenda. By documenting Ecuador’s ongoing transformation toward a more sustainable economy, The Business Year aims to inform the international business community about the opportunities, challenges, and success stories emerging from this remarkable journey.


Here is just a selection of the interviews contained:

  • Carlos Loaiza, Former President, Quito Chamber of Commerce
  • José Antonio Dávalos Hernández, Minister of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition
  • Guillermo Avellán Solines, General Manager, Central Bank of Ecuador (BCE)
  • Fernando Santos, Minister of Energy and Mining
  • Santiago Chamorro, General Manager, National Mining Company (ENAMI)
  • Julio José Prado, Former Minister of Production, Foreign Trade, Investments, and Fisheries
  • Andrés Maldonado, General Manager Ecuador, IBM
  • Tommy Schwarzkopf, Founder, Principal, & CEO, Uribe Schwarzkopf
  • Marcus Oliveira, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay & Uruguay Commercial Director, General Motors South America
  • Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism
  • María Brown Pérez, Minister of Education


The publication also features a range of articles and analysis, including:

  • The private sector
  • Galapagos conservation
  • Life insurance
  • Diesel subsidies
  • Copper
  • Private company sustainability programs
  • AI in agriculture
  • Sustainable construction
  • EVs
  • National plan for tourism
  • Digitalization in education


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