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This report details Morocco’s leading textiles learning institution, ESITH.


Morocco’s textile manufacturing industry has long been a pillar of the country’s economy; according to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and the Digital Economy, the sector accounts for 7% all industrial added value and 5% of all industrial production, employing around 165,000 people or 27% of all industrial employment. And, like any other industry, it relies on a slew of experts to keep the industry on its toes and ready for competition. The Higher School of Textile and Clothing Industries (ESITH) is a learning institution dedicated to producing expert textile engineers for a stronger Moroccan textile industry in the face of increasing international competition.

This nine-page report features an interview with Mohamed Lahlou, President of the Board at ESITH, analysis and information of the school’s operations, and the thoughts and comments of prominent graduates.



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