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PUBLISHED March 2018


Fintech, or financial technology, is changing the way the world acts, interacts, and transacts financially.


Fintech—or financial technology—is a trend changing practically everything about the way the world acts, interacts, and transacts financially.

An explosive growth in innovation in the financial sector can be attributed to many factors, among these the global financial crisis of 2008 and the forced rebuilding of the world’s banking structures in its aftermath. Not to mention the internet—or more specifically mobile—revolution.

Figures from Statistica predict that, by 2020, there will be 2.87 billion smartphone users globally, constituting 36% of the predicted population.

With barriers to entry radically lowered—indeed, many now hold the key to financial inclusion in the palm of their hands—it appears that fintech is democratizing money management, and opening up the floor to more and more entrants in emerging economies specifically.

We are already flooded with information about the latest financial apps or the booming value of fintech unicorns, but we may find that there is an uneven spread of data, with many markets failing to make the headlines.

TBY brings you a spotlight report focusing on some of those underreported markets. We reveal trends by reflecting on the commonalities and differences across regions, and show why and how fintechs are becoming successful in emerging markets.

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