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India COVID-19 Briefing

PUBLISHED August 2020


A look at India’s COVID-19 response and sectors to watch.


From Mumbai to Delhi and Kolkata to Bangalore, the Indian economy has been on an explosive upward trajectory in recent decades. While the economy is widely diversified, the country is perhaps best known for its world-famous ICT sector, while sectors like the behemoth pharmaceuticals industry and ever-growing manufacturing landscape also enjoy strong success. Yet much potential exists elsewhere, none more so than tourism—the country attracts only around 10 million arrivals a year, far short of tourism giants like France, which enjoys nine times that number. And with the strength and variety of destinations evident, it seems only a matter of time until India begins to receive the numbers of visitors it deserves. COVID-19, however, has put the breaks on Indian growth, having brought the economy to an uncomfortable halt in March, with the impacts continuing to be felt despite the partial lifting of lockdown measures over summer, with welfare initiatives failing to benefit the majority of now out-of-work Indians due to the sheer scale of the informal economy.

This 22-page special report seeks to delve into the response of the federal government, contrast the impact of COVID-19 in India with other major economies, and cast a gaze beyond, with a deep dive into key sectors from pharma and ICT to tourism and more. What could India have done differently? Which main economic hubs should we look to for recovery? And which sectors are the COVID-19 winners and losers? We seek to answer these questions over the following pages.



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