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Mexico 2022

PUBLISHED February 2022



This latest year-long period of research on the Mexican economy was marked by a sense of reflection and reinvention in the business community. As the world continues to restructure itself in the wake of COVID-19 and the subsequent disruption to the global supply chain, players in the country are continuing to discover Mexico’s role in this new reality.

In this 246-page edition, which features interviews with top business leaders from across the economy, as well as news and analysis, we cover: green economy, finance, energy, mining, industry, mining and telecoms, logistics, security, construction, real estate, agriculture, health, education, tourism, and sports.

Here is just a selection of the interviews contained:

  • Omar Fayad, Governor, Hidalgo
  • Alberto de la Fuente, President, Executive Council of Global Enterprises (CEEG)
  • Michelle Ferrari, President, Women Economic Forum Iberoamérica, Partner, Great Place to Work Mexico, Central America, and Caribbean, & CEO, Great Culture to Innovate (GCTI)
  • Tania Ortiz, President, Sempra Infrastructure for Mexico
  • María Ariza, CEO, BIVA
  • Miguel Santiago Reyes, Hernández Managing Director, CFEnergía
  • Fernando Alanís, CEO, Industrias Peñoles
  • Rafael Fernando Marín Mollinedo, General Director, Public Decentralized Office of the Interoceanic Multimodal Corridor of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec
  • Francisco Javier Solares Alemán, President, Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC)
  • Pedro Zenteno Santaella, President, BIRMEX
  • Germán Ernesto Kotsiras Ralis Cumplido, Secretary of Tourism, State of Jalisco

The publication also features a range of articles and analysis, including:

  • Mexican companies abroad
  • Women in innovation
  • ESG
  • Fiscal transparency
  • Energy reforms
  • Sustainability
  • Manufacturing hubs
  • IoT & 5G
  • Digital transformation in security
  • Real estate
  • Technology to reduce hunger and prevent climate change
  • Public health sector
  • Mexican football industry

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