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Portugal 2023



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Portugal has turned things around superbly since the 2010s and is today leveraging EU funds and its strong appeal to foreign investors, especially in real estate, to build a more sustainable economy.

The inflow of foreign capital is shaping the Portuguese economy over 2023. The main benefactors are hospitality, real estate, and education. And the US now ranks as the number one country by investment volume for the first time.

It is in this context that The Business Year began its research for this 150-page publication, meeting dozens of the country’s top business leaders across every major sector of the economy.

The Business Year: Portugal 2023 features interviews, articles, and analysis.

Here is just a selection of the interviews contained:

  • António Saraiva, Former President, Confederaçao Empresarial Portugal (CIP)
  • Pedro Amaral Jorge, CEO, Portuguese Renewable Energy Association (APREN)
  • Nuno Amado, Chairman, Millennium bcp
  • Marco Galinha, CEO, Grupo Bel
  • Fernando Reino da Costa, President & CEO, Unipartner
  • Antonio Alberto Sotto Mayor Vaz, Director, AASMVAZ
  • Hugo Santos Ferreira, President, Portuguese Association of Real Estate Developers and Investors (APPII)
  • Manuel Pizarro, Minister of Health
  • Ana Cristina Perdigão, General Director, National Agency Erasmus+ (ANE)
  • Luís Araújo, President, National Tourism Board of Portugal & President, European Travel Commission (ETC)


The publication also features a range of articles and analysis, including:

  • The Lusophone world
  • The recovery and resilience plan (RRP)
  • Green energy
  • Data and industry
  • New real estate code
  • Medical tourism
  • Internationalized education
  • Tourism sector worker training

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