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Veneto – Italy

PUBLISHED January 2020


A look at the engines of growth in Veneto.


Long one of Europe’s most-storied economic engines, Veneto continues to lead Italy in a wide variety of sectors. From its centuries-old textiles, machinery, and sophisticated manufacturers to its world-famous wine and agribusiness firms, Veneto’s nearly half-million small- and medium-sized companies help the region account for 10% of Italian GDP, still the world’s eighth-largest economy, making its EUR162-billion economy the envy of the country.

Sectors under the microscope in this 48-page report include industry, viticulture, sports equipment, transport, health, and education. The publication also features dozens of interviews, including:

  • Luca Zaia, President, Regione Veneto
  • Bruno Vianello, President, Texa
  • Ettore Nicoletto, CEO, Santa Margherita Gruppo Vinicolo
  • Enrico Marchi, Chairman, SAVE Group
  • Massimo Slaviero, CEO, UNIFARCO

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